02 Join the Party!


STOP PRESS: News from the future

Calling all dudes, and honeys!

This week, we’re printing a special publication, urging journalists and big business to put people first.

With 2020 hindsight, we’ll show how action today made the future possible.

Without radical change, the world will soon be a hostile environment, unleashing weather of mass destruction on our Age of Stupid.

So what’s stopping us? In simple terms: the economy, stupid.

If we accepted limits to growth, and invested billions in a Green New Deal instead of bank bailouts, we might cut emissions as fast we need to.

Carbon rationing would help, but we’ll have to demand it. And for that, we need to hear about the benefits.

Journalists frame public debate, and the City frames public policy.

We’re pressing them to reframe their thinking, and prove they’re Not Stupid.

Come and join us! And bring your friends…


We need your help to hand out our materials – as much as you can carry (in a big rucksack, holdall or cart). We’ll explain what to do, and you can come back as often as you like for refills.


Friday, 27 March, between 0630 and 1230. Whether you can spare a few minutes or the whole morning, you’ll make a difference.


Waterloo. Collect materials near the station (we’ll say exactly where on Thursday), then travel to convenient distribution points.


If you’d like to help, please tell us today, so we have an idea of


If not now, when?


We. Me. You.

Please spread the word and share these flyers with potential volunteers.