01 What’s the Point?


Don’t ask us. Figure things out for yourselves and demand the impossible.

Despite the state we’re in, journalists still don’t really do solutions.

Even as crises converge, in energy, the economy and our environment, our response is just more of the same: over-consumption, unsustainable growth, and a scramble for dwindling resources as everything peaks.

Investors are more joined up in their thinking. They want politicians to tell them the rules, so they can figure out future liabilities.

But the government wants markets to solve the problems, because that’s what companies want, so they can make money for investors.

The result is devastating inertia: what’s deemed politically possible, not what science and survival require. Now ministers claim it’s up to us to force them to change.

We want to remind people how much power they have, and to channel this into pressure for serious action. Whether governments meet the challenge or not, we need it yesterday.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Journalists too. Instead of just peddling apocalypse, the news should be framed with what could avert it, however politically improbable. Otherwise reporters just make public action seem “futile and in some cases too late to make a difference.”

It isn’t. People are just afraid of sounding radical, and accepting change is inevitable.

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