03 Shift the Powerdime

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“Give us your focking money,” as Bob Geldof didn’t quite say.

We’re more hardcore. We don’t mock the Establishment, we jam its machines. And we aim no higher than society’s very foundations.

Very soon, we will perform a one-off stunt of superlative ultra-stunningness. All it takes is a little precious cash.

Even a crumpled fiver that went through the wash. The more help you give us, the bigger this gets.

Think spontaneous human cold fusion, joining all the dots and zapping neurons. Memes, themes and dreams unleashed on unsuspecting drones.

A rocket-fuelled bonfire of debate. It could even set the government ablaze. But we have to buy paper to light it with.

Have you ever wondered what might have been? Dreamed of being part of something bigger? Or felt just a teensy bit stupid?

The time is now to wash away those maybes. Our PayPal page is here. Because we’re worth it.

Like Churchill said, “Oh, yes!” Go on. Give us 20 quid. You know you want to. Please.

The final trailer from Age of Stupid.

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